2016 Year 6 Galuwa Scholarship recipients

Galuwa is a Sydney-area Aboriginal word meaning ‘to climb’. Galuwa is a joint initiative between the NSW Department of Education — Tamworth Educational Services, and Glencore.

At the 2016 Galuwa ceremony, held at The Great Aussie Bush Camp, Tea Gardens, ten Year 6 students received a Galuwa Scholarship.

One of the ten Galuwa recipients this year is a student who attends school within the Kunarr Ngarrama AECG area. Kunarr Ngarrama AECG would like to congratulate the recipient and Singleton Heights Public School on this outstanding achievement.

This brings the total Galuwa recipients in the Kunarr Ngarrama AECG area to three, from one in primary school and two in high school from Years 6–8.


Story contributed by Deborah Byrne from NSW Department of Education. Published in 2016.