Minister Visits Singleton High School

The Minister for Early Childhood and Aboriginal Affairs, and Assistant Minister for Education, The Honourable Leslie Williams, visited Singleton High School on Friday. She was accompanied by the Local Member, Michael Johnson.

They spent their visit in the KaWul centre. The Ochre Hub was also there working on a career plan with students from Year 8. Michael Heitmeyer was painting a banner for the White Ribbon March with another group of students.

The Minister was very interested in speaking with our students about a number of programs in which they have been involved. Our students were delightful, and happy to chat with her. She was particularly interested in the possibility of the Clontarf program for 2016.
The Minister was very impressed to see such a strong group of supporting staff for our Aboriginal students. She met Deirdre and Jo and our Norta Norta tutors.

Our students conducted themselves admirably throughout the visit and did us proud. Thank you to all of our staff who ensure we have such supportive and effective programs for our Aboriginal students. We are very fortunate at SHS.

Story contributed by Deirdre Heitmeyer from Singleton High School. Published in 2015.